Stepz Dance Academy - COVID-19 Procedures



This statement is for Stepz Dance Academy’s students, visitors, staff and their families

Stepz Dance Academy wants to let everyone know that we are continually following all appropriate health and safety precautions to ensure the wellbeing of all that attend the academy

Many dance styles involve touch and close proximity to other people so it’s vitally important to consider current coronavirus information and take precautions before, during and after your dance sessions.



  • Stay informed and updated: Carefully read official information and advice on Coronavirus (Covid-19) – NHS general advice,

  • All students when they arrive can only be dropped off and collected by one parent. Please follow the one way systems at all times and where possible only enter the building when necessary ie: to see Sue on reception.

  • No parents will be able to stay in the building drop off and collection only.

  • Please arrive in the clothes you will be dancing in and do not change on site at the dance hall.

  • On arrival at the hall all students before class must please wash your hands with soap and warm water or use a commercial hand sanitizer provided in all toilets. The recommendation is to wash for 20 seconds (the happy birthday song through twice) 

  • Registers will be kept as a track and trace system and if any suspect Covid cases arrive the appropriate people will be contacted. 

  • Please ensure you have filled out the PERSONAL INFORMATION document so that I can ensure all your information is up to date on my system.

  • All documents going out will be via email and where this is not possible a paper copy will be provided.

  • Try to avoid dance clothes that expose large areas of skin ie: shorts or crop tops. 

  • If you are experiencing any symptoms of Covid -19 please do not attend dance class and let myself (Amy) know. 




  • Wash your hands during the breaks and after the session and avoid touching your face.

  • If you would rather where a mask you do this at your own risk – this is not for children under the age of 11. The shielded masks are the best way to circulate air when dancing if you choose to wear one. This is not mandatory.

  • Make sure you, and the people around you, follow good respiratory hygiene. This means covering your mouth and nose with a bent elbow or tissue when you cough or sneeze. Then dispose of the tissue immediately and wash your hands.

  • No one apart from the students and teacher will be allowed in the church hall.

  • All students will have grids on the floor in order to help maintain social distancing.

  • In dance, contact is obviously sometimes unavoidable, however in classes for the time being there will be very little contact work and where it is not possible the time will be limited spent in that space.

  • Bubbles will be introduced in the classes where, if group work is required,  the same groups in that class will work together throughout this time during class work.

  • All students attending class must bring there own water – no sharing bottled water in  class allowed.

  • If you start to feel like you are developing cold or flu like symptoms during the session we would ask you to consider leaving the session and let the teacher know.

  • Please follow the one way systems when exiting the building/